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Fraktiv is the brainchild of Oli da Costa – engineer-turned-creative. Oli leverages a wide range of expertise to bring concepts from the drawing board to reality, using his unique blend of skills, crafted over 21 years, consistently delivering exciting content and robust solutions, tailor-made for his clients.
Oli’s extensive portfolio covers a wide spectrum of bespoke content. From high-end film and TV projects to web series and corporate comms. Oli primarily works as a technical consultant, but also operates a boutique post-production facility, delivering integrated specialist content and long-term projects.

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Oli has been privileged to work with some of the world’s leading brands and works hard to add new names to his client list; both big and small. His flexible and creative approach means he can cater for a wide range of projects, from the highly technical to the intensively creative, often blending the two…that’s why his clients keep coming back.
Over the years, Oli has created a lot of unique content, and is always excited to create more. His production expertise is consumed all over the world, in numerous languages, on cinema screens, on TV and online, and he’s also proud to work as both an Adobe Community Influencer (ACI) and Sony Independent Certified Expert (ICE).


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