Here at Fraktiv and geebeebee media, we’ve been working professionally with Adobe software since 1999, and have seen their products go though some incredible developments. Since 2005, we’ve been part of the Adobe Influencers network, working on behalf of Adobe and resellers at trade shows, and generally promoting and talking about the benefits of Adobe’s software to friends, colleagues and other businesses, from the BBC and ITV to small companies and freelancers.

In 2012, to coincide with the launch of their latest software suite, Adobe approached us to take part in their ‘Creative Week’ event, and to star in a customer case study film as part of a ‘Show & Tell’ series. Filming with the team was a great experience, and we dug lots of content out of our archive to give to Adobe to compliment their film. May 2012 was still early days for geebeebee media – we were only 2 months old – but we were determined, even then, to show where geebeebee media wanted to go.

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