As Fraktiv followers may know, one of our long-term clients is Inside Luxury Travel , for whom we edit and post-produce their TV series (of the same name) and maintain all their web interests, from their website and newsletters to their social media presence. The TV series – about to commence filming its 5th series – goes out on Travel Channel in the UK and is now available in 169 countries, translated into 21 languages and is beamed into over 1 billion homes…quite a reach indeed!

Last year, ILT decided to produce a parallel TV series called ‘Culinary Travels’, with the show taking in the very best culinary experiences from around the world. Owing to the work we’ve done with them over the years, ILT decided to bring Culinary Travels to us, here at Fraktiv, for it’s inaugural series and also gave us the responsibility of devising the show’s titles, credits, graphics package and overall feel, which we’ve been very excited to do. We also worked closely with Tom Howe at Cinephonix, who composed a brilliant theme tune for the new show. Do check them out, as they have a great selection of incredible tracks in their free to browse library.

In all, we’re going to be creating 12x1hr episodes of Culinary Travels, and the first two are – as of today – done and dusted, with the first episode taking in the appetising delights of Sausalito (USA), Budapest, Barcelona, Geneva, Scotland and Mauritius, and the second episode focusing on Wolfsburg (Germany), Melbourne, London, Botswana, LA and the Napa Valley. The episodes are looking fantastic – even if we do say so ourselves – and a visual and culinary treat for all foodies and oenophiles.