We’ve just delivered a series of three videos to Newcastle upon Tyne-based education provider, Soundbite Learning, for their podcast-based GCSE education tool, GCSEPod. Our three videos – two of which were especially tailored versions for their specific partners – used a temporal kinetic typography style, gently challenging the viewer to read or take in the onscreen text and iconography, leading them through the GCSEPod product’s key features from the perspective of headteachers, teaching staff and education professionals.

We liaised with Soundbite Learning over a period of a few months, developing the production’s focus in tandem with their marketing department, whilst taking a very hands-on approach by systematically discussing what GCSEPod meant to all the company’s key staff, giving a more holistic end product that better reflects the company’s personalised and individually tailored approach both to podcast creation and the support they provide to schools.

The production identifies common, everyday issues experienced by teachers and poses solutions that the GCSEPod product delivers, from curriculum coverage to teachers tools and support. The video’s essentially B2B message is delivered in a visually dynamic style, with typography animated throughout, supported by illustration and iconography that’s instantly recognisable.

Part of GCSEPod’s market advantage is that as an app-delivered podcast, the app (and associated website) is designed to fit in to both students’ and teachers’ daily routines, making both the setting – by teachers – and learning – by students – of the syllabuses in question, part of daily life.

All the video’s animation and graphic design elements were produced in-house by Fraktiv, and the finalé, featuring some of Soundbite Learning’s staff, was filmed by the company themselves, to give a human element to the finished video.