We were approached by DSLR Devices designer, James Smith, to create a promotional video for Genustech‘s new product, the Genustech Mini Jib. With only half a day to shoot the product and a variety of cameras to install on the device, it was a blessing that the Mini Jib was so easy to set up and configure, with the jib easily handling everything from a caged GoPro to our cine-rigged FS700 and a Red Epic. The timelapse shots featured in the video were shot by James in combination with the all-new MoCo device over the course of the last few years, whilst the product was in development.

Having used one of DSLR Devices own original jibs, which are still fantastic bits of kit, we were pleased to be able to use this new jib, offering improved stability with heavier cameras and a great selection of additional features for the run-n-gun film-maker.

In Genustech’s own words…

“The Genustech Mini Jib and Genustech MoCo have been designed for Genustech by James Smith from DSLR Devices in the UK. This revolutionary product gives you the freedom to take a camera jib to places you would have only dreamed of doing in the past. The Genustech Mini Jib is both compact and lightweight, and is about same size or smaller than most tripods, so it’s the perfect companion for your filming projects and adventures. Don’t leave home with out it!”