“Find a trusted professional near you”…Google’s words, not ours.

We’re proud to have been officially approved by Google as a provider of high quality Streetview photographic assets – that’s 360 panoramas to you and me – and you can find us listed here google.co.uk/streetview/hire, or simply drop a line to us on hello@fraktiv.com.

We are initially offering our 360 photography provision to those requiring the service in the London and South East UK area, but as we regularly travel across the UK, Europe and further afield – we’ve even done some 360s in Rotorua, New Zealand (pictured) – we’re happy to discuss providing the service anywhere.

We will shortly be publishing a list of pre-built packages to cater to small, medium and large businesses, as well as special projects, both for Google Streetview and bespoke 360 content, so keep your eyes peeled on the site.

In our first month alone, we’ve had over 15,000 views of our images on Streetview – that’s over 500 views a day – so if you’re keen to enter the 360 world, drop us a line to find out how we can help.