For many teams, the winter months are a time to train in the gym or on the road bike in a warm climate, to build up strength and stamina for the year ahead. For the Gstaad-Scott team though, they wanted to do something a little different for a week, to build the team atmosphere and to test themselves against different conditions and challenges, many of which they were not so experienced in. The 2014 World Cup season is going to be substantial and it’s important that the team is in the right physical and mental place from the start.

For the team’s one year anniversary of teaming up with the Gstaad resort in Switzerland, the team decided to spend a week hitting the slopes in the Gstaad valley and try out other activities such as cross-country skiing and ice skating. The team also took to the Gstaad Snowpark alongside the local Freestyle Jurgs freeski team, and the BigAirBag at the Saanewald Lodge.

For once, the team staff didn’t have to squeeze into the small beds of the “Black Pearl” tour bus, but were privileged to enjoy the comforts of the amazing Hotel Ermitage Golf, with its incredible cuisine. Thanks to the Ermitage for the hospitality, and to everyone in Gstaad who made this week so enjoyable for us!

Crankworx  pumptrack challenge winner, Adrien ‘Zit’ Loron, also joined the team for the week and took part in the Gstaad Winter Games, laying down a series of first for him…first time on a Scott Voltage YZ 0.2 bike, first time riding on snow and first time backflipping a ski jump!