Wiral LITE Test

Our latest article for Red Bull is out now, and delves in to some top tips on how action footage shot on GoPro cameras can be improved using a range of hardware, software and post production techniques: How to supercharge your GoPro footage

At Fraktiv, we’ve been using GoPros since the first HERO model, and we’ve tried and tested a whole bunch of accessories and add-ons over the years. Recent developments with miniaturised gimbals and other smart hardware have allowed creative film-makers to get their cameras into ever-more unique places, and as the GoPro’s internal tech has developed – from adding slow motion capabilities to 4K resolution – the demand for capturing shots on these devices has grown too.

Our round-up takes readers through understanding the settings a GoPro has on offer – including the recent HERO5 model – rather than simply setting the camera to ‘auto’ mode, plus some tips on how to work with and process footage once captured. On the hardware side, we take a look at some creative mounts and accessories, including gimbals and a prototype of the amazing upcoming Wiral cable-cam system. There’s some high-end options too, in case you want to add DSLR lenses to your GoPro.