We offer a range of services, including:

  • Production + Direction
  • Photography + Cinematography
  • Voiceover + Sound
  • 360 Content
  • Journalism
  • VFX + Motion Graphics
  • 3D/Web/UI + Graphic Design
  • Promo/Craft Video Editing
  • Grading + Finishing

If you’d like to know more about what we can offer, and some examples of our work, please browse our services via the icons.

We relish the opportunity to take a project from first principles, driving it to completion, and part of that process often involves us in producing and directing.

In a multidisciplinary media world, production and direction isn’t always the stereotypical ‘Hollywood directors chair’ approach. Instead, it’s often based on information gathering, technical and process analysis, plus creativity, intuition and experience, which guides us on leading a project.

We’ve worked with the full spectrum of talent, from A-listers to the man on the street. Whether it’s pure motion graphics, mixed animation and live action, or real world scenarios, such as live event coverage, we’re experienced at dealing with crews, production pipelines and schedules.


Full-scale production, direction, filming and editing duties in Rotorua, New Zealand

Effective, memorable photography and cinematography captures the moment; be that a face, a scene or a location. Through the knowledge of lighting, lenses, camera motion, technical expertise and know-how, we capture these moments in incredible detail, to convey experiences directly to the audience.

Whether shooting stills or ultra slow-motion video, we’ve worked across a broad range of genres – from studio productions and documentaries to live events and promos – and always carefully consider our techniques before shooting.

From researching to create a desired look to carefully designing lighting setups, we take great pride in capturing our footage in the best ways possible, whether working as an independent unit or part of a large team.


Minimal additional lighting with motion control and macro techniques gave our BTR film an honest realism

As the adage goes, ‘sound accounts for 50% of the audience’s experience’. So who are we to disagree?

Our experience in sound comes from a history of writing, playing and producing music, which was eventually channelled into leading the sound department on cult early-noughties TV series, “Pop Will Shoot Itself”. From numerous sound mixes for commercials, short films and promos, to hundreds of voiceover sessions for TV and broadcast, we pride ourselves on delivering content that both looks and sounds fantastic.

Although we produce a great deal in-house, we also have a long-term international partnership with Matt Perrott, ‎Director of Audio at Uncanny Valley in Sydney, Australia, who works on many of our productions.

We offer high quality location/on-camera sound recording facilities, as well as professional voiceover facilities in South London, all using Røde microphones. In addition, we have partners in the north of the UK with whom we work for facilities support.


Sir Derek Jacobi narrated our British Museum ‘Italian Renaissance Drawings’ promo

Whether we’re delivering attention-grabbing listicles, technical reviews, travel guides or interviews, we’re adept at finding the right tone for our audience…whether consumers, specialists or other businesses.

The majority of our written work is in the field of adventure sports, focusing on event coverage, travel and lifestyle experiences and product reviews.

We’re also in the relatively unique position of being able to supply raw or edited photographic and video content alongside our written work, to further enhance our coverage.


We produce long and short-form written content for a range of suppliers, including Red Bull

The field of 360 content brings a wealth of opportunities…and plenty of buzzwords and phrases, such as virtual reality, 3D video, augmented reality and immersive experiences.

In such as relatively new field, there’s plenty to enthuse, confuse and dissuade potential customers and users in equal measures, but where 3D TV and film floundered, 360 content can flourish.

We aim to demystify the process, making 360 video and still photography content available to anyone and everyone. Whether you want to take a virtual tour of a location or jump on-board with a professional athlete at an international competition, we have the tools, knowledge and experience to bring new worlds to you.


Our 360 promo for London band Zola Blood’s debut album, Infinite Games

Software-based design is the bedrock of almost any project we do, and we’re thoroughly versed and experienced across multiple disciplines, from bitmap and vector to full 3D.

Whether it’s brand designs, logos, website UIs or 3D data-sets, we’ve designed, created, manipulated, developed and worked with almost everything (and most software) that’s available in the creative field.

Of course design seldom sits alone, so much of our work in this area goes hand-in-hand with other services, such as 360° content or motion graphics, and it frequently finds its way into our production and direction work in the form of storyboarding, pre-visualisation and project conceptualisation.

We’ve designed from scratch for traditional print and signage, digital signage, user interfaces (UI), infographics and web-based graphics, and often work with large engineering and architectural 3D models for further animation using motion graphics and editing tools.


Part of a series of online adverts we created for Weetabix, featuring Sir Mo Farah

The field of motion graphics is one of the most diverse in the creative industries; from simple typographic animation to advanced 3D, there’s a massive range and limitless possibilities.

Together with VFX (visual effects), these fields open a huge range of possibilities, from purely artificial computer generated environments to digitally retouched real-world environments, where the use of VFX is designed to be seamless and invisible.

From the minuscule to the massive, motion graphics and VFX allows us to get fully creative, often being the centrepiece to productions, but built on the foundations of pre-production, direction, cinematography and design earlier in production stages.

Motion graphics and VFX don’t have to be front and centre either, with subtlety, poise and timing being crucial to their use in any project.


We love using various kinetic typography techniques in our motion graphics projects

Editing is a discipline that comes in many forms, with each project’s subject matter, soundtrack and format – be that a commercial, short film, documentary or long-form – demanding a different approach.

From fast-paced editing and creative techniques for promos to elegantly paced editing for drama, we’ve edited pretty much every genre over many years. Of course sound, graphics and animation can also play pivotal roles in shaping an edit, and we’re solidly experienced in sound editing too.

From offline to online, working with directors, producers or on our own, we’re adept at tailoring our editing style quickly and easily.


Our online edit for ITV’s ‘The Pity of War’ knitted many media formats together to form an engaging narrative

Often overlooked, grading, finishing, quality control and delivery can sometimes be parts of a project that are forced to take a back seat, especially with tight deadlines. But that’s not how we do things.

From web videos to commercials to broadcast material, these tasks are of utmost importance on each and every project we undertake, with accurate QC compliance often being of significant importance.

Grading is also our final opportunity to craft the tone, look and feel of a piece, and it’s a stage that can’t be rushed. We take time and immense pride in grading, working with our clients or directors to get everything just right.

When it comes to final delivery, we’re experienced with a huge range of formats and technical specifications, from tape through to digital assets and metadata.


Colour decisions are crucial when working on dramas such as ‘For Zeta’, which featured many scene changes